I guess it all started when I was eight years old and saw my first "Match Box" car, in a match box. It was love at first sight. The strange lil cars were wonderful and nothing like the plastic cars I had. At age 8 I walked 4 miles to and from the Hobby Shop in Chicago that sold them. What a sight with all of them in a giant cardboard display case in Match Box colors. The only other toys I had were soldiers. So this formed my life. I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1964 and was honorably discharged in 1968. I am a decorated Vietnam veteran and proud of it. I went into the vintage and classic car business in 1973 part time fixing up MGTC's and MGA's and selling them to support my ever growing habit. I did consulting work and helped build a number of "collections" and "museums" in the US and UK in the mid-70's to very early 80's. I started Gemini Works (VCD) Vintage Car Division in 1975. I was known under that name till 2004 when I changed car "venues' and went strictly Italian and Ferrari in particular and now do business as "QuattroFino" named after my sons who are all car freaks. My first love will always be prewar sports cars. They are the only machines that can "take you back in time." I have Vintage raced for over 20 years and I have shown cars and have won at Pebble Beach, Meadow Brook, The Chicago Intentional Concourse, Jaguar Club of North America etc.
I like "driving" much better.

Throughout my 30 plus years in business the MOST important thing to me has been to keep my integrity and reputation. You don't stay in business this long if your "shy" on either of these.

"Che bella machina Italiano!"

Ciao, Peter L. Fino, Jr.